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The stratcon role consists of a C application: circonus-stratcon


Stratcon is the aggregation point of all data coming from brokers. This service reaches out to each active and configured broker, makes itself a subscriber of the journaled data, and receives it as it is collected.

When data is received, it is again written to disk, as well as fed over the Message Queue (MQ) to the fault detection and streaming services.

Like the broker, stratcon has 2 processes: a parent and child. If the child does not heartbeat, the parent is the watchdog and will restart it.

Stratcon keeps a few logs files. Most of these files can be ignored despite their imposing names. Logs are kept in /var/log/circonus and the list of logs is as follows:

  • stratcon.log - General purpose log
  • stratcon-access.log - Logs any requests received over SSL port 43191
  • - Can be ignored unless otherwise advised by Support.
  • stratcon-data-error.log - Like, can be ignored

Stratcon also has an interactive console similar to the broker. This console can be reached by telnetting to localhost port 32324. The most commonly used command in this mode is:

show noits

This command shows the current status of connected brokers.

Stratcon can be sensitive to IO and CPU starvation. If you discover the child process is continually being restarted, check these resources. Contact Support ( if the problem persists.

Stratcon PKI Files

  • /opt/noit/prod/etc/ca.crt
  • /opt/noit/prod/etc/stratcon.crt
  • /opt/noit/prod/etc/stratcon.key
  • /opt/noit/web/stratcon/pki/ca.crl

Broker - Stratcon Connectivity Troubleshooting

In cases where a broker status is reporting that the storage feed is disconnected or delayed, but the alerting feed looks OK, there could be an issue with the state of the broker's write-ahead log (JLog).

First, verify that there is no issue with PKI connectivity. If this is not an issue, then it is possible that the stratcon machine is stuck requesting and waiting for data that is not available on the broker due to a missing file or other corruption of jlog state.

See the JLog troubleshooting guide for details.

If JLog is not the issue, delayed feeds could be the result of job queue limits. Stratcon uses a pool of threads (a jobq in libmtev terminology) for submitting metrics into IRONdb. If this thread pool is overutilized, stratcon may not be able to keep up with the rate of new metrics coming from brokers. The size of the thread pool may be adjusted via the irondb_put_concurrency attribute in site.json.