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Long Tail Storage

Long Tail Storage is designed to be a long term repository for processed data from the brokers, prior to ingestion into IRONdb. It provides a disaster recovery option in the event that the entire IRONdb cluster is lost, allowing historical data to be reimported.

It runs a single service: circonus-ltstore-rsync, which is an rsync daemon that waits for syncs from the stratcon machines. Stratcon syncs data over to this service once stratcon has completed its processing. A local cron job collates this data into daily, tab-separated-value (TSV) files, one per broker per day.

This role has the option of using ZFS filesystems. If used, the daily TSV files will be transparently compressed, providing a significant reduction in disk space requirements.

You are free to handle the TSV files however you wish, leaving them in place on the Long Tail Storage host, or archiving them elsewhere.