• Category: database
  • Dataflow: pull
  • Default Port: 1521

This check type performs a custom SQL query of your Oracle database.

Advanced Configuration options allow you to set Server Authorization, append column names, or to change the default Period (60 second), Timeout (10 seconds), and Port (1521).

Example SQL Query Parsing

Here is an example of how SQL query results are parsed for database checks:

Col1 Col2 Col3
Row1 Name1 Val1 Val3
Row2 Name2 Val2 Val4

Circonus would parse the above example into the following metrics:

  • Name1`Col2 -> Val1
  • Name1`Col3 -> Val2
  • Name2`Col2 -> Val3
  • Name2`Col3 -> Val4

Tutorials exist online for those unfamiliar with SQL.