This plugin decodes the JSON or XML statistics provided by BIND 9 nameservers.

XML Statistics Channel

Version 2 statistics (BIND 9.6 - 9.9) and version 3 statistics (BIND 9.9+) are supported. Note that for BIND 9.9 to support version 3 statistics, it must be built with the --enable-newstats compile flag, and it must be specifically requested via the correct URL. Version 3 statistics are the default (and only) XML format in BIND 9.10+.

JSON Statistics Channel

JSON statistics schema version 1 (BIND 9.10+) is supported. As of writing, some distros still do not enable support for JSON statistics in their BIND packages.


  • urls []string: List of BIND statistics channel URLs to collect from. Do not include a trailing slash in the URL. Default is “http://localhost:8053/xml/v3”.
  • gather_memory_contexts bool: Report per-context memory statistics.
  • gather_views bool: Report per-view query statistics.

The following table summarizes the URL formats which should be used, depending on your BIND version and configured statistics channel.

BIND Version Statistics Format Example URL
9.6 - 9.8 XML v2 http://localhost:8053
9.9 XML v2 http://localhost:8053/xml/v2
9.9+ XML v3 http://localhost:8053/xml/v3
9.10+ JSON v1 http://localhost:8053/json/v1

Configuration of BIND Daemon

Add the following to your named.conf if running the agent on the same host as the BIND daemon:

statistics-channels {
    inet port 8053;

Alternatively, specify a wildcard address (e.g., or specific IP address of an interface to configure the BIND daemon to listen on that address. Note that you should secure the statistics channel with an ACL if it is publicly reachable. Consult the BIND Administrator Reference Manual for more information.