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Release Notes

Changes in 1.2.1


  • Avoid metric index corruption by using pread(2) in jlog instead of mmap(2).
  • Deprecate max_ingest_age from the graphite module. Require the validation fields instead.
  • Change Prometheus module to convert nan and inf records to null.
  • Add logging when when the snowth_lmdb_tool copy operation successfully completes.
  • Fix bug where a node could crash if we closed a raw shard for delete, then tried to roll up another shard before the delete ran.
  • Fix bug where setting raw shard granularity values above 3w could cause data to get written with incorrect timestamps during rollups.
  • Improve various listener error messages.
  • Add checks for timeouts in the data journal path where they were missing.
  • Improve graphite PUT error messages.
  • Fix NNTBS rollup fetch bug where we could return no value when there was valid data to return.
  • Fix bug where histogram rollup shards were sometimes not being deleted even though they were past the retention window.

Changes in 1.2.0


NOTE: This release bumps the metric index version from 4 to 5. Upon restart, new indexes will be built and the old ones will be deleted. This process will use a significant amount of memory while the indexes are being rebuilt. It will also cause the first post-update boot to take longer than usual.

  • Update index version from 4 to 5.
  • Automatically clean up old index versions on startup to make sure outdated indexes don't clog the disk.
  • Fix Ubuntu 20.04 specific bug where nodes could crash when trying to clean up status files when rolling up raw shards.
  • Fix issue with level indexes where data was being lost when deleting metrics on levels where the metric has multiple tags.
  • Fix issue where level indexes were incorrectly reporting that levels existed when all underlying metrics had been removed.
  • Add new API endpoints, /compact_indexes and /invalidate_index_cache, that allow forcing compaction and cache invalidation for specific accounts, respectively.
  • Fix rollup bug where raw shards could be prematurely deleted if a rollup was aborted due to corruption.
  • Fix various potential memory corruption issues.
  • Fix issue where jlog journal data could get corrupted.
  • libmtev 2.7.1

Changes in 1.1.0


  • Add preliminary support for operating IRONdb clusters with SSL/TLS. This allows securing ingestion, querying, and intra-cluster replication. See TLS Configuration for details. This feature should be considered alpha.
  • Fix bug where rollups were being flagged "not in progress" and "not dirty" when attempting to schedule a rollup and the rollup is already running.
  • Use activity ranges as part of query cache key. Previously, cached results from queries with a time range could be used to answer queries that had no time range, leading to incorrect results.
  • Fix logic bug where rollups were sometimes flagged as still being in progress after they were completed.
  • Account index WAL can keep growing without bounds due to a local variable value being squashed early.
  • Fix bug where the reconst_in_progress file was not being cleaned up after reconstitute operations, which could block rollups and deletes from running.
  • The raw/rollup and histogram_raw/rollup API endpoints will no longer block if there is a rollup already running. They will also return sensible error messages.
  • Raw shard rollups will not be allowed to run unless all previous rollups have run at least once.
  • Fix bug where deferred rollups could cause the rollup process to lock up until the node is restarted.
  • Add REST endpoint POST/PUT /histogram/<period>/<check_uuid>/<metric_name>?num_records=<x> which can be used with a json payload to directly insert histogram shard metric data for repair purposes.
  • Added configuration file field, //reconstitute/@max_simultaneous_nodes, that will cause the reconstituting node to only hit a predetermined number of peer nodes at once. The default if not specified is "all peers". This setting can be used if a reconstitute places too much load on the rest of the cluster, causing degradation of service.
  • Disallow starting single-shard reconstitutes with merge enabled if the shard exists and is flagged corrupt.
  • Improve NNTBS error messages if unable to open a shard.
  • PromQL - improve error messages on invalid or unsupported range queries.
  • PromQL - fix range nested inside one or more instant functions.
  • Include maintenance mode when pulling lists of raw, histogram, or histogram rollup shards.
  • Use read-copy-update (RCU) for Graphite level indexes and the surrogate database. It allows more queries to run concurrently without affecting ingestion, and vice versa.
  • Defer rollups of raw shards if there is a rollup shard in maintenance that the raw shard would write to.
  • Reject live shard reconstitute requests on NNTBS or histogram rollup shards if there is a raw shard rollup in progress that would feed into them.
  • Fix bug where the system would report that a live reconstitute was not in progress, even when one was running.
  • Allow running single-shard or single-metric reconstitute on non-raw shards, even if the shard extends beyond the current time.
  • The reconstitute GUI no longer apppears when doing online reconstitutes.
  • Fix iteration bug when reconstituting NNTBS shards.
  • Added the merge_all_nodes flag to live reconstitute which causes all available and non-blacklisted write copies to send metric data instead of only the "primary" available node.
  • Added the ability to repair a local database by reconstituting a single metric stream.
  • Fix bug where /fetch would not proxy if the data for a time period was all in the raw database, but the relevant raw shards were offline.

Changes in 1.0.1


NOTE: This version updates RocksDB (raw database, histogram shards) from version 6 to 7. It is not possible to revert a node to a previous version once this version has been installed.

  • Add a new configuration parameter, //rest/@default_connect_timeout, that allows configuring the connect timeout for inter-node communication. This was previously hardcoded to 3 seconds.
  • Graphite series and series_multi fetches now return 500 when there are no results and at least one node had an issue returning data.
  • Graphite series and series_multi fetches now return 200 with an empty results set on no data rather than a 404.
  • Fix bug on /find proxy calls where activity ranges were being set incorrectly.
  • Add ability to filter using multiple account IDs in the snowthsurrogatecontrol tool by providing the -a flag multiple times.
  • Reduce usage of rollup debug log to avoid log spam.
  • Upgrade RocksDB from version 6.20.3 to version 7.9.2.
  • libmtev 2.5.3

Changes in 1.0.0


IMPORTANT NOTE: Any node running 0.23.7 or earlier MUST do a surrogate3 migration PRIOR to upgrading to 1.0.0. This is due to removal of support for the previous surrogate database format.

  • Prevent ingestion stalls by setting a better eventer mask on socket read errors.
  • Fix bug where surrogate deletes running at the same time as level index compactions can cause crashes.
  • Improve scalability of lock protecting all_surrogates in indexes.
  • Fix logging of old-data ingestion.
  • Don't stop a rollup in progress if new data is received; finish and reroll later.
  • Add ability to filter by account ID in the snowthsurrogatecontrol utility by using the -a flag.
  • Fix full-delete crash on malformed tag query.
  • Rewrite Graphite level-index query cache to remove race on lookup.
  • Remove surrogate2.
  • Some data was hidden post arts compaction, make sure it stays visible.
  • Fix bug where if a fetch to the /raw endpoint exceeded the raw streaming limit (10,000 by default), the fetch would hang.
  • Reduce memory usage during extremely large /raw fetches.
  • Fix bug where extremely large double values generated invalid JSON on /raw data fetches.
  • Handle surrogate duplicates on migration from s2 to s3.
  • Require all nodes for active_count queries.
  • Add back-pressure to raw puts, allows the database to shed load by returning HTTP 503.
  • libmtev 2.5.2

Older Releases

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