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Release Notes

Changes in 1.0.1


NOTE: This version updates RocksDB (raw database, histogram shards) from version 6 to 7. It is not possible to revert a node to a previous version once this version has been installed.

  • Add a new configuration parameter, //rest/@default_connect_timeout, that allows configuring the connect timeout for inter-node communication. This was previously hardcoded to 3 seconds.
  • Graphite series and series_multi fetches now return 500 when there are no results and at least one node had an issue returning data.
  • Graphite series and series_multi fetches now return 200 with an empty results set on no data rather than a 404.
  • Fix bug on /find proxy calls where activity ranges were being set incorrectly.
  • Add ability to filter using multiple account IDs in the snowthsurrogatecontrol tool by providing the -a flag multiple times.
  • Reduce usage of rollup debug log to avoid log spam.
  • Upgrade RocksDB from version 6.20.3 to version 7.9.2.
  • libmtev 2.5.3

Changes in 1.0.0


IMPORTANT NOTE: Any node running 0.23.7 or earlier MUST do a surrogate3 migration PRIOR to upgrading to 1.0.0. This is due to removal of support for the previous surrogate database format.

  • Prevent ingestion stalls by setting a better eventer mask on socket read errors.
  • Fix bug where surrogate deletes running at the same time as level index compactions can cause crashes.
  • Improve scalability of lock protecting all_surrogates in indexes.
  • Fix logging of old-data ingestion.
  • Don't stop a rollup in progress if new data is received; finish and reroll later.
  • Add ability to filter by account ID in the snowthsurrogatecontrol utility by using the -a flag.
  • Fix full-delete crash on malformed tag query.
  • Rewrite Graphite level-index query cache to remove race on lookup.
  • Remove surrogate2.
  • Some data was hidden post arts compaction, make sure it stays visible.
  • Fix bug where if a fetch to the /raw endpoint exceeded the raw streaming limit (10,000 by default), the fetch would hang.
  • Reduce memory usage during extremely large /raw fetches.
  • Fix bug where extremely large double values generated invalid JSON on /raw data fetches.
  • Handle surrogate duplicates on migration from s2 to s3.
  • Require all nodes for active_count queries.
  • Add back-pressure to raw puts, allows the database to shed load by returning HTTP 503.
  • libmtev 2.5.2

Changes in 0.23.7


  • Cleaning rollup-suppressed metrics will now happen asynchronously in a jobq, preventing this operation from blocking the delete queue.
  • Cleaning rollup-suppressed metrics will now auto-delete metrics that are old enough - not just metrics that are older than the shard being deleted.
  • Reduce lock contention on lock all_surrogates_lock at crossroads of indexing and ingestion.
  • Perform ordered interval list compactions off-heap, reducing memory usage.
  • Perform surrogate compactions off-heap, reducing memory usage.
  • Use memory map files to perform level index compactions, reducing memory usage.
  • Fix issue where raw shard could be erroneously deleted.
  • Fix bug where a set of metric indexes were regenerated during a full reconstitute.
  • Avoid contention on all-surrogates lock inside indexes.
  • Respect X-Snowth-Advisory-Limit field when proxying to other nodes during graphite-style metric find operations.
  • Fix missing data when queried using level index when levels are partially in WAL.
  • Fix find timeouts so they're respected and stop processing once they're reached.
  • Allow providing a node_blacklist field when running live shard reconstitutes. This will allow the reconstitute process to skip specific nodes.
  • Improve loading times of RocksDB-backed shards.
  • Remove from surrogate indexes on-disk surrogates that are tombstoned in subsequent files.
  • Add optional //histogram//rollup//@retention config to delete histogram rollup shards after a specified amount of time.
  • Restore functionality of lua reg_v2 (linear/exponential regression) extension.
  • Migrate to using an external library package for RoaringBitmap.
  • Optimize surrogate lookup for presence of tombstones.
  • libmtev 2.4.4

Changes in 0.23.6


  • Fix bug where old timestamps could cause inter-node replication to stall.
  • Better handling of back pressure on journal replication.
  • Make node selection during find calls latency aware so we choose to pull from nodes that are up to date if up to date nodes are available.
  • Fix bad reference count on shard closure that could lead to use after free.
  • Fix bug where graphite finds would not expand their proxy server set if the cluster is sided and one or more of the initial proxy nodes did not return successfully.
  • Additional validations on metric timestamps on ingestion.
  • Use HTTP connection pooling for graphite inter-node traffic.
  • CAQL: Add group_by:stddev/popvar/percentile/alwaysone, math:sgn and inverse hyperbolic functions (asanh, acosh, atanh), stats:alwaysone/count/var/popvar, and window/rolling:popvar, delta, changes, absent, resets, increase, last, and present.
  • Fix stats.json delay measurement value to reflect the node latency calculated in the gossip data.
  • Update the stats.json delay measurement values at a more regular cadence to make sure that it reflects the current system state.
  • Fix crash bug with empty histogram entries in mvalue and inverse_quantile extensions.
  • Negative timestamp on metric could bypass validations and stall replication
  • graphite_translate additions/fixes to better match graphite behavior:
    • holtWintersConfidenceBands() and holtWintersForecast() translation
    • holtWintersAberration() and holtWintersConfidenceArea() translation
    • offsetToZero(), rangeOfSeries(), aggregateLine() and removeBetweenPercentile() translation
    • averageOutsidePercentile(), fallbackSeries() and integralByInterval() translation
    • interpolate() and linearRegression() translation
    • Proper translation of first and last aggregation functions
  • Change CAQL processing model to allow for larger datasets.
  • Support using mdbx as an alternative storage backend.
  • Add support for Rocksdb 7.8.3.
  • libmtev 2.4.1

Changes in 0.23.5


  • Fix bugs that could cause out-of-date data to be returned when fetching data on a sided cluster with one or more of the nodes being extremely far behind in replication.
  • CAQL: Add functions stats:clamp, math:sqrt, math:log2
  • libmtev 2.4.0

Changes in 0.23.4


IMPORTANT: This release includes an update to the on-disk metric indexes. These will be rebuilt automatically when a node is restarted after updating to this version. This will result in the startup time for a node the first time after upgrading to be considerably longer. After the first boot, boot times should be consistently faster.

  • Add fill:forward(limit=DUR) function that will limit filling to the specified duration.
  • Add fill=forward:<ms> as a /fetch param and tie into the optimizer.
  • Add cluster-wide version tracking for /fetch to prevent CAQL over-optimization during upgrades.
  • Fix handling of error returns when reading jlog interval.
  • Discard incoming metrics that match the //snowth//discard_data_filters/discard_data_filter configured for the corresponding account, e.g., <discard_data_filter account="1234" filter="and(__storage:false)"/>
  • New level index format that allows for faster loads and lowers memory usage. This requires regenerating the indexes on the first startup after upgrade.
  • Reduce loading times for level indexes.
  • Fix ingestion of multiple opentsdb records.
  • libmtev 2.3.9

Older Releases

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