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The SFlow Input Plugin provides support for acting as an SFlow V5 collector in accordance with the specification from

Currently only Flow Samples of Ethernet / IPv4 & IPv4 TCP & UDP headers are turned into metrics. Counters and other header samples are ignored.


## Address to listen for sFlow packets.
## example: service_address = "udp://:6343"
## service_address = "udp4://:6343"
## service_address = "udp6://:6343"
service_address = "udp://:6343"

## Set the size of the operating system's receive buffer.
## example: read_buffer_size = "64KiB"
# read_buffer_size = ""


The sflowtool utility can be used to print sFlow packets, and compared against the metrics produced by agent.

sflowtool -p 6343

If opening an issue, in addition to the output of sflowtool it will also be helpful to collect a packet capture. Adjust the interface, host and port as needed:

$ sudo tcpdump -s 0 -i eth0 -w circonus-unified-agent-sflow.pcap host and port 6343