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PowerDNS Recursor


The powerdns_recursor plugin gathers metrics about PowerDNS Recursor using the unix controlsocket.


## Path to the Recursor control socket.
unix_sockets = ["/var/run/pdns_recursor.controlsocket"]

## Directory to create receive socket. This default is likely not writable,
## please reference the full plugin documentation for a recommended setup.
# socket_dir = "/var/run/"
## Socket permissions for the receive socket.
# socket_mode = "0666"


Agent will need read/write access to the control socket and to the socket_dir. PowerDNS will need to be able to write to the socket_dir.

The setup described below was tested on a Debian Stretch system and may need adapted for other systems.

First change permissions on the controlsocket in the PowerDNS recursor configuration, usually in /etc/powerdns/recursor.conf:

socket-mode = 660

Then place the cua user into the pdns group:

usermod cua -a -G pdns

Since circonus-unified-agent cannot write to to the default /var/run socket directory, create a subdirectory and adjust permissions for this directory so that both users can access it.

$ mkdir /var/run/pdns
$ chown root:pdns /var/run/pdns
$ chmod 770 /var/run/pdns