Creating Worksheets

Worksheets are nothing more than an ordered collection of graphs.

Image: ‘worksheets3.png’

To create a new worksheet, navigate to the Worksheets subsection of Analytics and click on the “New +” button.

Image: ‘worksheet_graph_selection3.png’

This will open a panel allowing search and selection of graphs.

Image: ‘worksheet_graph_add3.png’

Clicking “add” next to any graph will add that graph to the worksheet.

Image: ‘worksheet_graph_added3.png’

Click the “Close” button when you are finished adding graphs. Save your worksheet by clicking the “Save” button at top right. You will then be redirected to view your new worksheet.

Image: ‘worksheet_title_edit3.png’

You can change the title of the worksheet by choosing “Edit Title” from the top-right Menu.

Graphs may be re-ordered within a worksheet by click-and-dragging the graph’s title bar to a new position.

Click the “View” to view the graph, or click the down arrow for additional graph options.

Advanced Worksheet Controls

Additional layout options for worksheets are available by clicking the Tuner icon next to the Menu button at top right. This will reveal a block-of-boxes icon that, when clicked, opens the Layout Options menu.

Image: ‘worksheet_options3.png’

Graph Size

There are two options for graph sizes that allow for smaller or larger graph sizes. The number of graphs per row is determined in part by the width of the browser window, and in part by this setting.


Selecting ‘Show Legends on Hover’ will turn on the automatic legend heads-up display when hovering over any of the graphs within a worksheet. The ‘SHIFT’ key will alter this state temporarily. If you have not selected this option, holding shift down while hovering will temporarily display the legend. If this option is selected, then holding shift down while hovering will temporarily hide the legend.