Sharing Worksheets

Worksheet sharing works almost identically to graph sharing, just with slightly different features that can be enabled or disabled. Like graphs, first navigate to the worksheet view page and click the “Share” button.

Image: ‘worksheet_share_new3.png’

Select the shared version you wish to edit, or select new and provide a nickname.

You can choose to hide the title of the worksheet, as well as to disable legends. On worksheets, legends only show when you hover over each individual graph.

The “Columns:” option lets you specify how many columns of graphs to show (this will impact the width of the graphs). The more columns you want, the smaller the graphs will be.

Just like in graphs, you can lock the date range to a sliding window into the past, or to a particular date range.

Click “Save New” and your URLs will be populated and ready to hand out. From here and when editing any share, you can disable or remove the shared link to prevent users from accessing it further.

Image: ‘worksheet_share_saved3.png’