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Release Notes 2023


EL7 pinned repo: baseurl=


Version: 0.1.1630083710 (f5879e1)


Version: 0.1.1665503401 (06b870f)


Related roles: caql_broker, fault_detection, stratcon

Version: 0.1.1671716605 (43d6c90)

Function Removal Notice

Metric Search v2 and Metric Clusters have been deprecated for some time. We plan to remove these deprecated functions soon for the SaaS site, and in the subsequent Inside release. This will affect CAQL checks as well as CAQL Datapoints on graphs. The UI will now show users a warning when one of the deprecated functions is used. Circonus offers a more powerful tag-search feature, exposed as find() in CAQL.

  • (CAQL) Add fill:forward(limit=DUR) that will limit filling to the specified duration. (CIRC-9556)
  • (CAQL) Add fill=forward:<ms> as a /fetch param and tie into the optimizer. (CIRC-9556)
  • Add cluster-wide version tracking for /fetch to prevent CAQL over-optimization during upgrades. (CIRC-9540)
  • Fix handling of error returns when reading jlog records. (CIRC-9464)
  • (snowthd) Discard incoming metrics that match the //snowth//discard_data_filters/discard_data_filter configured for the corresponding account, e.g., <discard_data_filter account="1234" filter="and(__storage:false)"/> (CIRC-9298)
  • (stratcon raw_ingestor) Discard incoming metrics that match an account's configured //snowth//swimlane/account_map/map/@discard_data_filter value. (CIRC-9299)
  • New level index format (v4) that allows for faster loads and lowers memory usage. This requires regenerating the indexes on the first startup after upgrade. (CIRC-9359)


Version: 0.1.1670014326 (9767eb8)

  • Allow configuring a special eventer pool, ruleset_cull, to offload cull operations into a separate eventer pool with a configurable watchdog. (CIRC-9244)


Related roles: caql_broker, fault_detection, mq, stratcon, web_stream

Version: 0.13.10


Related roles: api

Version: 0.14.23

  • Further improve response time for /alert requests with results containing inactive alerts. Limits the results from the /alert endpoint to only displaying alerts which occurred within the past 30 days by default. This can be overridden by passing a (occurred_on_start:xxx) search term in the request. (C3-374)
  • Update the /check_bundle endpoint to treat check configuration keys with a value of "" as intentions to remove the configuration key, if the key corresponds to an optional check module parameter. (CIRC-9471)
  • Fix IRONdb nodes not being returned to active status after a period of being down or inactive. (CIRC-9467)
  • Fix bug in contact group validation for groups containing email contacts. (CIRC-9467)
  • Implement a connection pool for broker connections, limiting a single API node to a max number of connections to a single broker instance (default 20). (CIRC-9425)
  • Add new search terms to the /alert endpoint (C3-227):
    • occurred_on_start and occurred_on_end accept Unix epoch timestamps and will filter results based on an occurred_on range for the alert.
    • cleared_on_start and cleared_on_end, which work the same way as the occurred_on filters but for alert cleared_on times. If cleared_on_start or cleared_on_end are used as search terms, the results will automatically be limited to cleared alerts.
  • Update logic for submitting filtersets to brokers, matching the behavior when submitting checks. This fixes an inconsistency when the broker issues a redirect, and the target is not yet ready to receive it. (CIRC-9425)
  • Fix duplicate check creation in the /check_bundle endpoint when a check target is being changed. (CIRC-9432)
  • Fix for certain /graph endpoints not being cleared when set to "". (CIRC-9417, CIRC-9429)
  • XML check definintions will now include all xmlns definitions in all cases. (CIRC-9416)
  • Add a new event_criteria_id search term for the /alert endpoint. This can be used to search for alerts by rule set or rule set group ID. It supports aliases for other search terms to support compatibility with the Perl API. For example: (ruleset_id:123) will search using this term. (C3-280)
  • Improve the way that redirects from broker REST calls are handled, in order to correct a bug that led to invalid errors being returned by the /check_bundle endpoint, when creating checks on some broker cluster configurations. (CIRC-9403)
  • Implement improved SQL database tracing and stats recording, and implement new SQL error metrics to provide better insight into database errors. (CIRC-9403)


Version: 0.1.1666013286 (212c56d)


Related roles: broker, caql_broker, data_storage, fault_detection, stratcon, web_stream

Version: 2.3.9

  • Support addext field under OpenSSL 1.0. (CIRC-9304)


Version: 0.1.1671648269 (f699763)

  • No user-facing changes.


Related roles: broker, caql_broker, data_storage, fault_detection, stratcon, web_stream

Version: 0.1.1670447886 (3de5442)

  • (broker, libnoit) Fix handling of tags that are too long. (CIRC-9495)
  • (broker) Improved filterset and check database error logging.
  • (broker) Performance improvements to check and filterset handling:
    • Move check validation from main eventer into a jobq.
    • Move filterset deletion from main eventer into a jobq.
    • Move filterset culling from main eventer into a jobq.
    • Move check deletion from main eventer into a jobq.
    • Move check recycler from main eventer into a jobq.
    • Move filterset updates from main eventer into a jobq.
    • Improve locking when looking for pending check deletes.


Version: 0.1.1671553753 (7546744)

  • Fix bugs with broker reconstitution involving clusters and the broker check module. (CIRC-9557)
  • Fix broker config reconciliation bug due to lowercase HTTP headers. (CIRC-9480)
  • Uptime reports will now find alert history for metrics with or without stream tags. Previously only metrics with stream tags were found. (CIRC-9508)


Version: 0.1.1668802755 (38de609)

  • Crash fix (heap use-after-free). (CIRC-9438)