Release Notes 2021


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Version: 0.1.1608059216 (bdaa081)

  • No user-facing changes.


Related roles: caql_broker, fault_detection, stratcon

Version: 0.1.1608133589 (a449354)

Function Removal Notice

Metric Search v2 and Metric Clusters have been deprecated for some time. We plan to remove these deprecated functions soon for the SaaS site, and in the subsequent Inside release. This will affect CAQL checks as well as CAQL Datapoints on graphs. The UI will now show users a warning when one of the deprecated functions is used. Circonus offers a more powerful tag-search feature, exposed as find() in CAQL.

  • Add -R flag to snowthsurrogatecontrol tool that will allow repairing corrupt surrogate databases.
  • Better error reporting and handling for various find calls.
  • The shard compactor script now checks the shard’s status just prior to replacement, to make sure it is still offline.
  • Support metric_name, display_name, and multiple tag values in v2 search conversion.
  • Increased logging for LMDB errors and resize, detect resize failures, and improve LMDB and RocksDB retries.
  • Improved logging for ingestion flatbuffer errors.
  • Fix stack overflow when fetching many histograms in sequence.


Version: 0.1.1606942529 (f49a224)

  • Send broker information to the Notification system on every alert. Addresses failures to suppress notifications when a broker is unavailable.


Related roles: caql_broker, fault_detection, mq, stratcon, web_stream

Version: 0.13.5

  • Force disconnect on message read/write error.
  • Reuse listener threads.
  • Various code cleanups.
  • Better bounds checking on auth handshake (allow full size).
  • Fix BCD integration.


Related roles: api

Version: 0.8.17

  • Changes the way metric search handles category-only v3 search queries, such as: and(component). Previously these were sent to IRONdb as: and(component:*), now the query will be sent unchanged.
  • Corrects an error in metric lookup by ID query creation causing searches for metrics containing the " character to fail.
  • Changes the behavior of CORS headers for the API and proxy servers to match the behavior of the Perl API.
  • Corrects an error in metric lookup by ID url parsing which caused the % character to be handled incorrectly.
  • Corrects how /metric endpoint handles requests with the count_only query parameter.
  • Corrects an issue causing IRONdb proxy error messages to contain unreadable messages.
  • Fix errors that occur when memcache operations fail.
  • Corrects a bug that could cause server panics if no memcache servers were assigned in the configuration.
  • Fixes an error that would allow certain values to break db queries with the order parameter on API search endpoints.
  • Corrects an error that occurs when metric search operation contain multiple terms containing only tag categories and not tag values.
  • Corrects how the db.Stats() wait_duration metric data is reported.
  • Corrects an error with metric search query parsing of search terms containing a tag category but not a tag value.
  • Allows the parse_only query parameter to work using the regular /metric endpoint.
  • Contains goapi implementation of the graph service.
  • Query parser errors will now return a 400 status code instead of an incorrect 500 status code.


Version: 0.1.1609887173 (4921f87)

  • (Breaking change) Replace the obsolete nad host agent with the current version of circonus-agent on all systems managed by Hooper. The format of metrics emitted by circonus-agent has changed, and now uses Stream Tags. Any existing checks/rules against nad on these hosts may need to be adjusted or replaced.
  • Fix bug in config-check with the ca role primary attribute.
  • stratcon: Enable tuning of timeouts for ingestion into IRONdb. This includes both TCP connection timeouts (connecttimeout) and overall transaction timeout (timeout). Values are in milliseconds. Deprecate the previous irondb_put_concurrency attribute in favor of a new irondb_tuning object, which can contain any of three keys:
    "irondb_tuning": {
      "timeout": 8000,
      "connecttimeout": 1000,
      "put_concurrency": 50

    See site.json stratcon attributes for more details. Reducing IRONdb timeouts may improve ingestion throughput by allowing stratcon to move on more quickly from poorly-performing IRONdb nodes. However, setting timeouts too low could negatively impact ingestion as well.


Related roles: broker, caql_broker, data_storage, fault_detection, stratcon, web_stream

Version: 1.12.14

  • Fix missing top of crash stacktrace when libunwind is being used.
  • Set log message ‘SSL layer X not understood’ to debug-only if SSL version X is being explicitly disabled. This reduces logging noise with OpenSSL 1.1.x and later.
  • Fix segment_size and precommit config processing for jlog logs. Previously, application requests to set these parameters could sometimes be silently ignored.


Version: 0.1.1609956725 (b151580)

  • Bugfix: Correct handling of maintenance windows, expiration, incoming updates.


Related roles: broker, caql_broker, data_storage, fault_detection, stratcon, web_stream

Version: 0.1.1608135246 (4b1e25d)

  • (broker) Reopen log files with dropped privileges. This addresses a corner case at startup where, if there is a JLog precommit buffer and the last available segment is full, a newly created segment will be owned by the wrong user.
  • (broker) Improved locking around filterset manipulation (crash fix).
  • (stratcon) Crash fix in the ingestion pipeline.
  • (stratcon) Fix crash when removing a broker that has data submissions in flight.


Version: 0.1.1610123864 (30c290c)

  • Bugfix: send maintenance window changes to the Notification service.
  • Bugfix: correct the Apache proxy forwarding rules to accommodate GoAPI proxy requests to Lua CAQL extensions.
  • Bugfix: when searching on the Alert History page, it would remove any date range filter you had previously selected.
  • Bugfix: support for streamtags and non-alphanumeric characters in metric names for SNMP and other checks. Also requires broker update to support this case.


Version: 0.1.1591797218 (3c0de1a)