The OpenMetrics Check uses the OpenMetrics format which is evolved from the Prometheus standard. It pulls metrics from a standard Prometheus scrape endpoint or “target”. This Check affords the ability to leverage the many Prometheus Exporters to expose metrics and pull them into the Circonus platform, enabling long-term storage and analytics beyond the capabilities of Prometheus.

Evolved from Prometheus, OpenMetrics is an effort to create an open standard for transmitting metrics at scale, with support for both text representation and Protocol Buffers. For more info about OpenMetrics, please see the OpenMetrics site.


The only required parameter is the URL to check, including scheme and hostname (as you would type into a browser’s location bar.)

Optional parameters:

Name Description
auth_user The user to authenticate as.
auth_password The password to use during authentication.
header name/value Include an arbitrary header in the HTTP request.
host The Host header value to include in the HTTP request.
port TCP port to which the broker should connect (default: 80)
use_ssl Upgrade the TCP connection to use SSL/TLS (default: false)