Plugin collects network metrics from /proc/net/netstat, /proc/net/snmp and /proc/net/snmp6 files.


The plugin firstly tries to read file paths from config values if it is empty, then it reads from env variables.


If these variables are also not set, then it tries to read the proc root from env - PROC_ROOT, and sets /proc as a root path if PROC_ROOT is also empty.

Then appends default file paths:

  • /net/netstat
  • /net/snmp
  • /net/snmp6

So if nothing is given, no paths in config and in env vars, the plugin takes the default paths.

  • /proc/net/netstat
  • /proc/net/snmp
  • /proc/net/snmp6

The sample config file

  ## file paths
  ## e.g: /proc/net/netstat, /proc/net/snmp, /proc/net/snmp6
  # proc_net_netstat    = 	""
  # proc_net_snmp 		= 	""
  # proc_net_snmp6 		= 	""
  ## dump metrics with 0 values too
  # dump_zeros			= 	true

In case that proc_net_snmp6 path doesn’t exist (e.g. IPv6 is not enabled) no error would be raised.