Kernel VMStat


The kernel_vmstat plugin gathers virtual memory statistics by reading /proc/vmstat. For a full list of available fields see the /proc/vmstat section of the proc man page. For a better idea of what each field represents, see the vmstat man page.

kernel/system statistics. Common entries include (from

Number of pages that are dirty, under writeback or unstable:

nr_dirty 1550
nr_writeback 0
nr_unstable 0

Number of pages allocated to page tables, mapped by files or allocated by the kernel slab allocator:

nr_page_table_pages 699
nr_mapped 139596
nr_slab 42723

Number of pageins and pageouts (since the last boot):

pgpgin 33754195
pgpgout 38985992

Number of swapins and swapouts (since the last boot):

pswpin 2473
pswpout 2995

Number of page allocations per zone (since the last boot):

pgalloc_high 0
pgalloc_normal 110123213
pgalloc_dma32 0
pgalloc_dma 415219

Number of page frees, activations and deactivations (since the last boot):

pgfree 110549163
pgactivate 4509729
pgdeactivate 2136215

Number of minor and major page faults (since the last boot):

pgfault 80663722
pgmajfault 49813

Number of page refills (per zone, since the last boot):

pgrefill_high 0
pgrefill_normal 5817500
pgrefill_dma32 0
pgrefill_dma 149176

Number of page steals (per zone, since the last boot):

pgsteal_high 0
pgsteal_normal 10421346
pgsteal_dma32 0
pgsteal_dma 142196

Number of pages scanned by the kswapd daemon (per zone, since the last boot):

pgscan_kswapd_high 0
pgscan_kswapd_normal 10491424
pgscan_kswapd_dma32 0
pgscan_kswapd_dma 156130

Number of pages reclaimed directly (per zone, since the last boot):

pgscan_direct_high 0
pgscan_direct_normal 11904
pgscan_direct_dma32 0
pgscan_direct_dma 225

Number of pages reclaimed via inode freeing (since the last boot):

pginodesteal 11

Number of slab objects scanned (since the last boot):

slabs_scanned 8926976

Number of pages reclaimed by kswapd (since the last boot):

kswapd_steal 10551674

Number of pages reclaimed by kswapd via inode freeing (since the last boot):

kswapd_inodesteal 338730

Number of kswapd's calls to page reclaim (since the last boot):

pageoutrun 181908

Number of direct reclaim calls (since the last boot):

allocstall 160

Miscellaneous statistics:

pgrotated 3781
nr_bounce 0


# Get kernel statistics from /proc/vmstat
  # no configuration