The fluentd plugin gathers metrics from plugin endpoint provided by in_monitor plugin. This plugin understands data provided by /api/plugin.json resource (/api/config.json is not covered).

You might need to adjust your fluentd configuration, in order to reduce series cardinality in case your fluentd restarts frequently. Every time fluentd starts, plugin_id value is given a new random value. According to fluentd documentation, you are able to add @id parameter for each plugin to avoid this behaviour and define custom plugin_id.

example configuration with @id parameter for http plugin:

  @type http
  @id http
  port 8888


# Read metrics exposed by fluentd in_monitor plugin
  ## This plugin reads information exposed by fluentd (using /api/plugins.json endpoint).
  ## Endpoint:
  ## - only one URI is allowed
  ## - https is not supported
  endpoint = "http://localhost:24220/api/plugins.json"

  ## Define which plugins have to be excluded (based on "type" field - e.g. monitor_agent)
  exclude = [