View Checks

If you select Checks under the Integrations main menu section, you’ll see a grid of all the service integrations we have for data collection. If a service has an active bar it means there’s at least one active check in the system of that type.

Image: ‘data_integrations_grid.png’

To search across all checks in your account, use the search bar above the grid on this page. Otherwise, click an integration to view checks of that type.

Image: ‘checks_view4.png’

Clicking View on a specific check will take you to a page of details, including links to view and edit the configuration information for a check or delete the check.

Image: ‘checks_view_menu4.png’

Check Details

Clicking the “View” button will open the Check Details page.

Image: ‘checks_view_details3.png’

This page allows you to view more detailed information about a check, including host and broker information and the list metrics collected by this check.

Each check has the following IDs:

  • Check Bundle ID
  • Check ID
  • Check UUID