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Using Textual Data in Graphs

The metric tree indicates text metrics with a small "T" icon next to the metric name. Selecting a text metric will add it to the current graph.

Image: 'graph_select_text3.png'

Once selected, if there are any changes in value in the current display window, these changes will appear within the graph viewport as solid, full-height vertical lines.

Image: 'graph_with_text3.png'

The above image changed as a result of the check coming into existence (transitioning from having no value to having a value). The actual value of the text metric is not visible while editing a graph, only while in view mode.

Depending on your personal settings, the text metrics in a viewed graph will either show up as they do here (as a vertical bar) or as an integrated part of the timeline. More information is available in the Viewing Graphs section.