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CAQL Change Log

We will document changes to the CAQL language here.

Backwards compatibility is a major concern for us. Changes to existing behavior are rare and typically predicated on bug fixes or performance improvements. Breaking changes will be explicitly marked in this document.


  • Add filter:* package.


  • Add integrate:while() function.
  • Add broadcast support to forecasting:slope() and forecasting:regression(). With this change, the functions will now forecast all input slots, not only the first one.
  • Add forecasting:auto() function.
  • Add histogram:ratio_above() and histogram:ratio_below() functions.
  • Fix a bug where fill() would not fill in data.
  • Improve performance of window:merge().
  • Fix a bug where find() queries would fail during service restarts.


  • Add histogram:subtract() function.
  • Add base parameter to integrate().
  • Add #serial directive.
  • Fixes to NULL literal.


  • Allow multiple input streams to delay().

  • Performance improvements to integrate() and delay() functions.

  • Deprecate histogram:window / histogram:rolling in favour of window:histogram, window:rolling.

  • Revise the time aggregation functions window:* and rolling:*

    • Speedup processing by leveraging pre-aggregated data.
    • Add support for multiple input streams.
    • Align window boundaries consistently.
    • Add window:first() function, that selects the first sample in each window.
    • Add window:merge() function, to aggregate histograms over time.
    • Add "skip" parameter to control the advancement of time windows.
    • Add "period" parameter to control the granularity of input data.
    • Add "align=start/end" parameter to control alignment of the output data.
    • Add "offset" parameter to control window offset against UTC.
  • [Breaking Change] Change the default output of window:* in batch mode, to be synchronous with the data. Before this change the output of window:* function was delayed a full window size behind the input data. The old behaviour can be restored by passing align="end" as parameter.


  • Optimize a number of query patterns to leverage federated data processing:
    • find() | stats:{sum,mean}
    • find() | count()
    • find() | top()
    • find:histogram() | histogram:merge()
    • find:histogram() | histogram:sum() | stats:sum()
  • Fix bugs with limiting and sorting outputs.
  • Add default labels to histogram:* output.
  • Restrict sorting of results to the find() function, so that, e.g. top-k output is not sorted by label.
  • Add tag:remove() function.
  • Set default/max limits for CAQL find() queries to 1000/3000.
  • Speed-up data fetching with the metric(), search:metric() and metriccluster() functions.
  • Deprecate search:metric() and metriccluster() functions in favour of find().
  • Fix count() function, to not count NaN values.